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Little Dot Solutions provides...


Owner-Finance Options


Wholesale/Cash Buyer


Rental Properties


Distressed/Probate Properties

We buy homes in any condition and offer creative finance strategies.
Simply put, we provide REAL, real estate solutions.
We’re proactive, dedicated, and well versed.
LDS has partnered with some of the top investors throughout Dallas to ensure supreme satisfaction.

Core Values:

We operate our business upon core values that include trust, authenticity, and 100% total transparency. We focus on solving problems and our history has proven that we can provide REAL solutions through REAL relationships.


Community Service:

Proudly serving the Dallas Metroplex since 2015, we are committed to donating the first 10% of our profits to charity. We believe community empowerment being our humanitarian obligation.


Customer Service:

We strive to deliver a courteous experience to every single client. If you are considering selling a house, our Transitional Solutions Specialists are here to help. There are just 3 easy steps:


  1. Schedule your FREE consultation

  2. Develop a REAL strategy to accomplish your goals

  3. Meet with Solution Provider


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